Chapter 12: I Want to Deviate from the Route

In the end, the invitation from my fiance-sama to stay over was not realized due to the heroine's blocking.

My fiance-sama said that it was okay to also let the heroine come, but of course I can't take the heroine (rival) to the my fiance-sama's mansion.

I won't allow them to have that relationship before I am brought down.

Chapter 59: ARC 2 – To Be Pampered by the School Boss Part 1

Chapter 11: That's Why I Hate Them

A/N: The heroine's perspective.


On my way to the dormitory, I was stopped by a someone who was like a maid of some aristocrat.

Your master is waiting.

Oh, it's that again, huh.

I thought.

Apparently, the appearance I inherited from my mother seems to be a hit for the aristocrats.

This will most likely be about a boring confession.

Only sighs come out.

They of the higher class of course have fiancées who have been determined since childhood.

In their case, it seems that they have no political mind to protect their homes.

That's why they can say that they like me more than their fiancees.

I really can't understand them.

Just because you like me, everything else is fine?

Is it okay for you to give up your duties?

Did you explain to the other party and got her approval?

Most ladies like that kind of silly fiancé.

I think the noble men are really stupid.

Also, my mother was also stupid.


When I went to the place where I was called, there was a man who looked like her who I love.

A man with the same color as her.

Oh, her family, huh.

I remember she said about having an older brother.

They're really similar.

However, the atmosphere they have seems to be very different.

Raising the corners of his mouth to a smile gives a feeling of intimidation to the other person.

The intimidation of an absolute king who makes everyone bow down to him.

"I'm sorry for calling you out suddenly. I don't have to name myself."

You already know, right? He said.

Saying sorry without meaning it.

However, the other party is a nobleman.

I can't complain of what he did, and on the contrary, I have to say my greetings properly.

I picked up my uniform skirt, lowered my head and tried to introduce myself, but I was stopped.

"You don't have to name yourself, I know everything. Ah, but there's only one thing I want to ask?"

Hey, why is that girl calling you a heroine? Even if it is a nickname, your name is completely different, right? It's not even scratch. (T/N: to the name) If you know the reason, could you tell me?

About that, even I don't know.

It's something she's called me for some reason since we first met.

Even if I tell her to call me by name, all she says is that I'm the heroine.

Well, it's good, though.

I don't care what name she calls me by as long as she does call me.

Even I don't know the reason.

When I answer so,

I see. Well it's fine. Not understanding what that girl does makes it interesting.

Surprisingly, he laughed happily, and the first feeling of intimidation weakened.

Only for a moment.

I'm sure it was only at the moment he remembered the appearance of that girl.

"Now, from here, the main subject. You just have to listen. I just want to see your reaction."

It was about my mother.

My mother used to enter the school with the status of a commoner, and, like me, used to enjoy romance at the request of high-ranking aristocrats such as the Crown Prince.

However, when she graduated from school, she was thrown away.

At that time, I was inside her stomach, but she didn't know whose child I was.

Because she had a relationship with everyone she was invited by.

It seems that everyone whom she had a relationship with gave her a lot of things, provided that she would never come near them.

However, the money was immediately spent by my mother, not for me as a baby, but for her own good looks.

After that, when my mother had ran out of money, she sent me, a copy who looked just like her, to the academy and capture the sons of a nobleman, just like her.

"I wonder if you ever wanted to rebel against your mother.

But you are on good terms not with the sons of the nobles, but with their fiancees.

Among them, my sister is your favorite.

I understand because my sister is stupid and that's what makes her cute.

Teasing her is worth it, right?"

Saying that, he smiled.

Looking at that smile, I sighed once.

...He really did a lot of research.

Is this where you would advise me not to approach your important sister?

When I asked that.

"I won't do that kind of crap. Didn't I say it before? I just wanted to confirm."

For now, I won't say anything about your actions.

For the time being, that is.

By the way, for bringing up the story of a lady, my bad. He said.

Even though I still don't think it's bad.

I just called you out for a few words.

Bye, and he went away without looking back.

I, who was left behind, sighed again.

How many times did I sigh today?

Even though they say happiness runs away. (T/N: When you sigh)

Even though he said it's only for confirmation, hitting the nail on the head, I think that his character is really bad.

It's a big difference from her.

Without any argument, as expected, I hate noble men.

...I really hate them.


A/N: Recently fiance-sama hasn't made his appearance? 

His presence has been weakened? Isn't that bad?

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Chapter 10: Can I Pet You?

That day, the school was shocked.

The cause of the fuss was a Marquis daughter.

She was happy about the silver cat ears she got from her brother that she had worn that since morning.

QTSRPL Chapter 58: In Between





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